Natural Dry Eye Treatment that works.

Dr. Lange out in front of The lange Eye Institute in The Villages Florida, home to many nutritional studies.

Dr. Lange out in front of The lange Eye Institute in The Villages Florida, home to many nutritional studies.

Dry eye is a condition that will affect the majority of people sooner or later.  Most patients are using some form of OTC or prescription eye drops and not getting much benefit for their dry eye symptoms. Natural dry eye treatments are becoming main stream as the dry eye treatment of choice.  Natural dry eye treatments are becoming very popular because it works. Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist and certified nutrition specialist with Lange Eye Care and the Lange Eye Institute  states ” The human body is an amazing organism and if the proper fuel is given to the body it will enhance its own natural healing abilities.”  Dr. Lange is also a 20 year veteran  hosting his own popular talk show called “Ask the Dr’, that can be heard world-wide via the internet and on various am and fm radio stations throughout the country.  Dr. Lange discusses nutrition and eye care on his daily live call in radio show .  Dr. Lange is also founder of the Lange Nutrition Centers in Clearwater Florida.   The number one question that is asked of me on the radio is what can be done with sandy, gritty, burning, tearing , red eyes?  The majority of these patients are plagued with dry eyes.  Over the years in practice Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist with Lange Eye Care has seen what works and what doesn’t work. I have finally come to the conclusion that a Natural Dry eye treatment protocol worked quite well at minimizing dry eye symptoms and improving overall health of the patient. Patients are tired of being given another prescription for more expensive drugs that don’t seem to benefit dry eye . A natural approach to treating dry eyes is one that most patients embrace readily and if followed works quite well at helping to treat the dry eye condition.  Dr. Lange and Lange Eye Care have spent years in clinical nutritional research to see what really does work for his patients.  Dr. Lange started the Fortifeye Vitamin Company in the early 2000s to develop and research nutritional supplements and eye vitamins that actually work.  Fortifeye Vitamins has re formulated their supplements ten times in the last seven years in an effort to bring the highest quality science based supplements and eye vitamins to the public. Doctors from all over the world are recommending Fortifeye vitamins for their patients with dry eyes and macular degeneration.  Thousands of patients are taking the supplements that have been developed by Dr. Lange.  Fortifeye Vitamins can be purchased through many local optometrists and ophthalmologists or can be purchased on the internet at .

Dr. Lange at local organic hydroponic green house , food is medicine!

Dr. Lange at local organic hydroponic green house , food is medicine!

Dr. Lange states that the majority of eye vitamins, omega 3 fish oils and multi vitamins you buy over the counter are filled with synthetic nutrients, dyes and trans fats, all of the things that are bad for you.  These supplements that are sold in the drug stores and vitamin shops are usually marked up a minimum of six times and therefore can not have a therapeutic dosage of what is really needed, many only have window dressing amounts of nutrients, just enough to be able to put it on the label but not even enough to register in the blood.  This is the reason Fortifeye Vitamins was started.  To be able to recommend a supplement to a patients that will make a difference that is all natural with no synthetic dyes, nutrients or trans fats .

Taking the correct supplements and eye vitamins is only part of the equation for developing a natural dry eye treatment that works.  The patients complete diet must be over hauled and many lifestyle adjustments must be started to begin the road to recovery for the dry eye patient.  If a patient is willing to make these necessary changes  then the natural dry eye treatment approach will help significantly.  These lifestyle modifications will not only help their dry eyes but will also improve their entire quality of life.   Dr. Lange states that if these natural treatments for dry eyes are followed , the result is a much healthier body and mind.

This site will discuss these Natural dry eye treatments in detail.  This site will discuss what type of diet for dry eyes works best, what eye drops are best for dry eyes, vitamins for dry eyes along with many other natural dry eye treatments. so make sure you check back periodically for natural dry eye updates.

Dr. Michael Lange, optometric physician and certified nutrition specialist, ,


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