Dr. Michael Lange


Dr. Michael Lange in front of Ocala Lange Eye Care

Dr. Michael Lange in front of Ocala Lange Eye Care

Dr. Michael Lange is an Optometric Physician and Certified nutrition specialist who founded Lange Eye care and Associates March 15 1993 in Ocala Florida.  He has also been hosting a syndicated talk show called “Ask the Dr”, since April of 1993. The talks show can be heard all over the world via the internet and multiple AM and FM radio stations. This talk show discusses the latest in nutrition and eye care.   Lange Eye Care has expanded to nine locations  from Gainesville to Clearwater.  Dr. Lange credits his rapid expansion to his nutritionally based eye care philosophy.  Dr. Lange likes to call his eye care centers Eye Wellness Centers.   Dr. Lange discusses diet, lifestyle changes, proper supplementation, hydration, exercise and sleep with all of his patients.  This wellness approach to eye care has set Lange Eye Care apart from the typical Optometrist or Ophthalmologist and is one reason Lange Eye Care has expanded so rapidly.  Lange Eye Care centers utilize the latest in surgical, medical, optical and nutritional approaches to helping their patients. It was around 2000 that Dr. Lange became frustrated with the typical OTC vitamin and mineral products that were available for his patients.  Dr. Lange decided since he couldnt recommend much that could be purchased OTC he decided to research and develop his own line of nutritional supplements called Fortifeye Vitamins. www.fortifeye.com ,  by 2013 Fortifeye Vitamins is being recommended and taken by 1000s of doctors and patients all over the world.  The fortifeye formulas have been re developed and enhanced 10 times in the last seven years based on ongoing research Dr. Lange is involved in.  Dr. Langes passion is helping his patients to slow down the aging in the eye and the entire body through proper nutrition.  Lange Eye Care has been studying the effects of many different combinations of vitamins and minerals over the years and  how these combinations may help patients with dry eyes, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and many other eye problems.  Technology like fundus auto flourecence, Opitcal coherence tomography, floureceine angiograms, fundus photography, visual field testing, ultrasound, orbscans, corneal topography, Visual Evoked Potentials, Electro- retinagrams, plasma blood testing, omega index testing, spectracell intracellular blood testing are all being utilized clinically in patients that are taking Fortifeye Vitamins.  Dry Eye nutrition is an area that Dr. Lange takes a special interest in do to the huge percentage of patients in Florida that are plagued with dry eye syndrome. This site will discuss the latest in natural treatments for dry eye.  If you want to learn more about Dr. Michael Lange and Lange Eye Care go to www.langeeyecare.com , www.drmichaellange.com  and www.fortifeye.com


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