Blue light form the computer, tablet and smart phone may be harming you and your children

Dr Michael Lange urges everyone to block the blue light form the daily digital world we live in. Using lenses like Blue Light Defense and Ophthalmic Blue Guard  will filter the harmful blue rays.

The HEV light or Blue light emitted from the computer, tablet, smart phone, television and indoor lighting may be causing harm to your children and yourself!  The blue light wave length between 400-420 nm ,science now states is the most harmful to the eyes and entire body. Ophthalmic Blue  guard  and Blue Light Defense are  lenses that Dr Michael Lange from Lange Eye Care  has been using for eight months with tremendous success!  This lens is the biggest thing to hit the ophthalmic industry states Dr Lange.  The blue light not only increases risk of cataracts and macular degeneration at a much younger age but it signals the pineal gland in the brain to stop secreting melatonin!  When melatonin levels go down sleep becomes impaired and cortisol and inflammation goes up in the body. also new studies indicate when melatonin levels drop certain cancers go up in the body. Ophthalmic Blue Guard and Blue Light Defense  are  true anti aging lenses and all lenses in the near future should have this type of protection .  read more and order  here :    Embedded image permalink     look over this video as Dr Lange demonstrates how Blue Guard Lenses work :